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Counselling is not an exact science.  I believe that therapy should be tailored to the individual and by working eclectively using 

Psychodynamic Counselling I can give them reassurance, new perspectives and confirmation.   I can also help them to explore events which happened in the past in order to shape future possibilities

I have been trained in the traditional approach to counselling, however, I have found over the years that a more holistic approach to helping people is more often required to achieve an improved state of well being. I now offer clients individual help dependent upon their needs and beliefs.

I have specific experience in:

 Young Peoples issues


 Mental Health issues




About My Therapy

Holistic Counselling via Skype

I offer Holistic Psychodynamic Counselling   This can help to alleviate symptoms, and help you to discover, understand, and introduce solutions to personal problems.  The session is tailored to a person’s unique needs. 

My approach to counselling is practised by taking into consideration and addressing the alignment of mind, body, and spirit.  Sessions are designed to move through the layers blocking you from reaching your potential.  During a session, a combination of psychodynamic talk therapy, and holistic work can be used, looking at the mind, body and spirit  A few sessions of this method can be as effective as several weeks or more of traditional counselling. 

Traditional counselling and therapy are steeped in talk, theory, and models of action, these have their place in our lives, but my therapy moves away from this and considers the client as a whole person.  It can help you to see underneath a problematic issue to its very roots, which may lie in childhood, past relationships or even a past life, leading to healing and better self understanding.


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